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"Work ethic is the foundation of everything. Talent, can only get you so far."

- Sidney Crosby


The MidWest Warriors AAA Hockey Program was born back in 2011.  We were originally called the Jr. Bulldogs.  We practiced wherever we could find summer ice, Princeton, Andover, and Forest Lake to name a few.  Over the years the teams and organization have grown but our philosophy remains very much the same,

“Practice with a Purpose”

We dreamed of having summer ice at our own arena located in Isanti, MN.  With a ton of hard work and dedication, our dreams became a reality in 2013.  Thanks to the dedication of the players and their families we will again be able to sustain summer ice in Isanti this year.  You see without the players, and the devoted families none of this is possible.

We strive to keep our fees low so all of the players in the north metro hockey community have an opportunity to enjoy the fun of summertime hockey.  At the same time we don't skimp on practice hours.  Our program is all about development of both skill acquisition and character.  Sure we play in tournaments and we enjoy competing fiercely, but it’s the hours of practice that separates us from other local programs. At the same time, we strongly promote multi-sport athletes.  Our practice hours and tournaments are geared toward minimal interference with in-season sports.

We are dedicated to keeping our local players together and forming a lasting bond while creating memories for a lifetime.